Meet your business’ recycling objectives with Combined Resources

For over 35 years, Combined Resources has been a trusted name in the Recycling Industry. Providing superior customer service and living by a simple credo of "always doing what we say we are going to do" has built decades worth of mutually beneficial business relationships between CRI and our Suppliers and End-user Customers. As the business world continues to evolve and attempt to balance fiscal growth with environmental responsibility, Combined Resources works every day to position itself to meet the needs of every one of it's recycling partners.

In 1986, Combined Resources was founded in Chicago, IL. Over the next 35 years, CRI grew from one plant to three, adding facilities in Nashville, TN, and the San Antonio, TX area. In 2001, the Corporate Headquarters were relocated to Nashville to be more centralized within our vast service area which encompasses 25 states and brokerage services spanning all of North America and 5 other continents. Today, Combined Resources handles all grades of Paper, Plastic, and other recyclables. CRI receives and manages over 70 different grades of recyclable material which we market both domestically and internationally to best represent our supplier's interests in the marketplace. In addition, CRI has become a trusted resource for hard to move grades of paper and plastic, specialty and bulk packaging as well as obsolete product inventories.

Our strategy is simple:

Create mutually beneficial, long-term business relationships along every front of our business… every supplier, every third-party vendor, every end-user customer! We confidently believe that there is a value to how we do business and we look forward to putting our abilities to work for you.

Business recycling solutions designed to meet your needs

Designed to meet your needs

Combined Resources has the ability to provide your business/organization with the services and information needed to meet all of your business' recycling objectives. Through use of the following, CRI will help your recycling meet your stated goals:

  • Consultation Services
  • Material Grading
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Brokerage Services
  • Freight Management
  • Financial Stability