Servicing your company's recycling needs

Today's recycling market-place is truly global. Combined Resources has developed consistent supply generation relationships and works hard to meet the shipping demands of both suppliers and end-user customers. Combined Resources is sizable enough to leverage our resources on your behalf yet flexible enough to react in the most dynamic of markets. Creativity and superior customer service allow Combined Resources to build on a foundation of trust and maximize your recycling solution.

Loose, baled, rolls, regrind, processing capabilities

Processing Capabilities

Combined Resources handles over 70 different grades of recyclable materials. Whether your recyclables are loose, baled, rolls, regrind, parts or a combination of these, we can handle whatever it is that you generate. CRI can also manage your obsolete inventories and provide product destruction.

Maximize recycling value

Material Grading

Combined Resources will take the time to train your staff how to recognize your recyclables and how best to maximize their value. Bringing value to your recycling program is our core business.

Maximize recycling revenues

Sales & Marketing

Combined Resources will leverage your recyclables within our wide reaching network of direct end-user customers both domestically and abroad to maximize your recycling revenues. We have developed long-term relationships with our end-user customers who trust that we will supply them with material that meets or exceeds their supply needs.

Brokerage services to promote recycling revenues

Brokerage Services

Combined Resources is positioned soundly within it's network of end-user customers and can confidently support mill/end-user direct relationships of any size. Our brokerage services promote maximizing all recycling revenues by skipping the plant processing steps and transporting pre-packaged recyclables directly to their end-users.

Transportation resources for recyclable materials

Freight Management

Combined Resources has a wide range of transportation resources to handle shipments of any nature/size both domestically and abroad. We also have a trusted and established network of third party vendors allowing us to handle material anywhere outside of our dedicated service areas.

Financially stable recycling partners

Financial Stability

Combined Resources is soundly positioned to financially navigate the rigorous business environment that we all operate in today. We confidently believe that there is a value to how we do business and we look forward to putting our abilities to work for you.