Providing profitable solutions

Combined Resources has the flexibility and creativity to provide any business with superior customer service and prompt payment. No matter loose or baled, rolls to regrind, truckloads or LTL, CRI can meet your every service need. CRI can design and implement a program to maximize your recycling revenues and has the financial strength to support supplier relationships of every size.

Maximize Your Recycling Solution

Designed to meet your needs

Combined Resources has the ability to provide your business/organization with the services and information needed to meet all of your business' recycling objectives. Through use of the following, CRI will help your recycling meet your stated goals:

  • Consultation Services
  • Material Grading
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Brokerage Services
  • Freight Management
  • Financial Stability

CRI can show you the way

CRI partners with a diverse group of suppliers who generate waste paper, scrap plastics, and other recyclables as simple by-products of their everyday business. Allowing those suppliers to focus on their core business is what we do best. Whether it's reducing labor costs, improving recycling processes or maximizing revenues for recyclables, CRI can provide the right solution to keep your business efficient and profitable.

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